Welcome to FYI!

What is the First Year Initiative?

The First Year Initiative (FYI) is a unique program that brings entering students together in learning communities during their first semester at Queens College. These communities consist of grouped classes that fulfill credits that all students at QC need to graduate, and they offer an important social network as new students acclimate to campus life.

Each learning community consists of:

How Do I Choose an FYI Community?

Because all of our communities fill needed general education credits, FYI offers a chance to explore interests that may not fit neatly into your planned major. If you're currently undecided about your academic focus, an FYI community that sounds interesting could be your first step into a new field of learning. We cross the curriculum to embrace the arts, sciences, and humanities.

Choosing an FYI community is your first step in planning a schedule for your initial semester. FYI faculty and student mentors will introduce you to our communities during your summer registration session.

All communities have assigned peer mentors. These mentors are former FYI students who make biweekly visits to your ENGL 110 class to update you on important deadlines and events. They also hold office hours in Honors Hall 05, where they answer your questions about Queens College from the perspective of people recently in your shoes.

Welcome, Class of 2023!

Class of 2023, we’re happy you’ve chosen Queens College as the place to build your future. #QCBound

Posted by Queens College on Thursday, May 2, 2019

Watch our FYI Mentors welcome QC's Class of 2023!

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