Designed for all Prospective, Current or Past FYI students of Queens College

What is the Freshman Year Initiative?

The Freshman Year Initiative (FYI) is a unique program that brings entering students together in two paired courses, often on a related topic, for their first semester at Queens College. Most students begin their freshman year with FYI.

There are two courses in every FYI Community:

  1. A General Education course that fulfills a CUNY-Pathways requirement.

  2. English 110: College Writing. (This is a college-wide requirement.) Instructors select topics as a thematic focus for the course. These topics are often aligned with the general education courses with which they're paired.

Benefits of Being in an FYI Learning Community

All these courses fulfill college requirements. Before you meet with your academic advisor, consider the descriptions of the paired courses available. Academic Advising staff and FYI Mentors will assist you in registering for your Community and for the additional courses you’ll need to complete your first-semester schedule.

 The general education courses are drawn from the sciences, the arts and humanities, the social sciences, and education. Remember that you’ll add additional courses to your schedule, so feel free to try something new, that may or may not be required for a particular major.  All these courses fulfill college requirements.

Whichever community you choose, you’ll attend both of those classes in a group of about twenty other first-year students, so you’ll get to know your classmates. Together, you’ll use what you learn in one class to help you in the other, as you practice writing scholarly essays at a college level. It’s also natural to share notes, breaks, and lunch, so friendships form early. Study groups are easy to find at exam time.

Click here if you want to see the FYI Learning Communities for Fall 2018

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