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What is an FYI Mentor?

An FYI Mentor is a former FYI freshman who knows the ropes and can advise entering freshmen during their first semester at Queens College. These Mentors ensure that the freshmen are aware of and understand the requirement and resources of the College.
FYI Mentors are themselves a resource for freshmen. Two mentors are assigned to every English 110 class and are available in person and through emails to pass along key information that freshman need to know as they adjust to the college.

FYI Mentor Application Process

The FYI office invites students who have been enrolled for a semester or more at Queens College to apply for a position as an FYI Mentor for our program.
The FYI program will begin the process of accepting and analyzing mentor applications from late March into the middle of April.


FYI Mentor's Responsibilities

  • Assist in registration and Orientation during the summer.
  • Visit two English 110 courses assigned to them in correlation to their paired mentor.
  • Attend a single office hour a week (in the FYI office: located in Honors Hall, room 05), the hour being a time in which neither of their General Education class or English 110 classes are in session.
  • Customize and forward template emails and information to their students which are composed by the Freshman Year Initiative program Mentor Supervisors.
  • Work together with their English 110 teachers in a professional and respectable manner in order to benefit the students.
  • Provide students with vital college-life information and answer questions that have been proposed to them by the students in person or via email.
  • Provide selective tutoring to students during their office hour depending on the mentors' course concentrations (majors, minors & standing).
  • Provide students with guidance in terms of major and minor course paths:
    • Courses that fulfill requirements depicted by the general education department.
    • Courses that may fulfill requirements for students who have more than one concentration in mind.
    • Courses that the mentor may recommend from personal experience.
  • Provide students with time management skills.
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