First Year Resources

Welcome, Students!

Here are some documents and advice that our mentors found useful in their first semesters at Queens College. 

Useful FYI Documents

FYI Playbill 2019


Useful QC Documents

Major Declaration Form      

Queens College Calendar


 Useful College Resources & Tips:

1. The Writing Center, located in Kiely Hall 229.

2.  FYI offers its own tutoring services exclusively for FYI freshmen taking English 110. You all have English 110. Students can make an appointment by phone, email, or walk-in.

3. The Academic Support Center in Kiely 227 offers content tutoring, reading and ESL workshops.

4. Rosenthal Library  provides each student with $10 to use for printing. You can print on the 2nd floor of the library.  To print, you need your Student ID.

5. FYI offers free printing only for students who are in/were in an FYI community! You can print a maximum of 10 pages!

6.  Freshman Year 102 Sessions (for Spring registration). FYI 102 Dates (will be announced mid-Fall)!

7. The Health and Wellness Center in Frese Hall offers first aid, health services, personal and academic counseling.

8. If you are afraid you might fail a coursedon't panic,  and don't just stop going to class. This will result in a WU (Unofficial Withdrawal), which becomes an F on your transcript. It cannot be replaced or removed and it will count in your GPA. Instead, speak with your professor. Do your best for the rest of the semester. If you get an F (in one class) it will become an NC (No Credit) on your transcript and it will not affect your GPA. Bottom line: an F is preferable to a WU.

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